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We are excited to invite you to NAPA’s new online career development and mentoring community!

The National APIA Panhellenic Association’s new private online community is designed to support the professional and entrepreneurial development of our students and alumni through the connection of our members.

For Students

80% of today’s jobs and internships are landed through networking and half of those are landed through direct introductions. However, most graduates have a very small professional network upon graduation, which can make it hard to land their first job. We are hoping to solve this problem for our members!
Have you ever wanted to connect with someone that could help you get the introduction that would help you land an internship or job at your ideal company? Now you can! We have a database of graduates who are looking to share their advice and support with you! The community is our fantastic new online resource that includes more than 8 million employment and internship opportunities from around the world. Also included are opportunities provided by our administrators, our graduates, and our partners. Our goal with the community is to help our student members increase the size of their professional and entrepreneurial network through the generation of mentor mentee relationships with our alumni.

For Alumni

The VineUp community is our fantastic new resource full of international careers and information,including access to more than 8,000,000 employment opportunities from around the world. Included are jobs and internships provided by our administrators, fellow graduates, and our partners. We would also like to invite you to post job vacancies and internships to our community free of charge. All job postings are updated daily, giving you up-to-date, country-specific career development advice and services.

The community is designed to support the sharing of skills and foster an environment that encourages mentoring relationships within our alumni and also between our students and alumni. Within the community we are hoping to connect our brightest students with alumni like yourself, that may be able to spare a few minutes a month to share advice and tips online or in-person. Choosing to share your knowledge with our student members and fellow alumni will help to provide our future world leaders with the best start that we could possibly wish for them.

How Do I Join?

To join the community simply click on the “For Members” link in the upper right hand corner. You will have the options to register manually or you can connect via your Facebook or LinkedIn making registration and updating of your profile information easy.

During your registration process you will be prompted to enter the special access code provided to you by your national organization. This code will only be requested once and you will not need to memorize it. Once you have completed the steps you will have to verify your email address then, once your profile has been approved by our administrators, you will be able to access the community once it is officially launched. The platform has a mobile ready interface, so there is no need to download any apps. It works smoothly and easily on all devices and browsers.

Help us make a positive difference in both the lives of our current and future alumni. We look forward to seeing you on VineUp!

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Beta Chi Theta National Fraternity, Inc. Joins NAPA

The National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) is pleased to announce that Beta Chi Theta National Fraternity, Inc. has joined the Association as its 14th member organization. The Fraternity was approved for membership in April and is being formally seated on May 4th, 2014.

Pathik Patel, Beta Chi Theta’s National Vice President of Financial Affairs, commented, “Beta Chi Theta, is a fraternal organization that prides itself as an organization of gentlemen who believe in the values of community. These values, go hand in hand with those of NAPA. We deeply believe in the advancement of both NAPA and Beta Chi Theta through deeply rooted relationships, and mutual cooperation.”

Beta Chi Theta was established in June 1999 at the University of California Los Angeles, and now has chapters stretching from coast to coast. Beta Chi Theta is built upon the pillars of Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, A Unified Nationwide Network, and above all else, Brotherhood.

Prashant Kher, Beta Chi Theta’s National President, commented, “We look forward to a successful and fruitful relationship with NAPA and all of the member organizations. We strongly feel that by working together, we can make cultural Greek organizations a major player and stakeholder in the Greek industry in the next 25-50 years.”

NAPA Executive Chair Brenda Dang welcomed Beta Chi Theta stating, “The Association is pleased to announce the addition of an organization to our membership that has developed strong roots in the fraternal community. Their membership reinforces the diverse interests of collegiate men across the country. We are confident that they will play a critical role in the growth of the cultural Greek movement. Fraternities and Sororities are the largest leadership development organizations on collegiate campuses across the country and we look forward to Beta Chi Theta’s collaboration with our member organizations in our effort to advance the cultural Greek movement.”

NAPA was founded in 2005. NAPA serves to advocate the needs of its member organizations and provide a forum to share ideas and resources within its members. NAPA supports the development of positive relations through open communication with inter-fraternal partners to enrich the fraternal experience.




Alumni Spotlight: Victoria L. Chan

Alumni Spotlight Victoria Chan

Victoria L. Chan is the daughter to Chinese immigrant parents. Originally based in New York City, she graduated with a double major in Political Science and African American Studies from Syracuse University. Victoria is a proud sister of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Victoria speaks about some of her experiences as a member of an Asian Interest Sorority, “Committing myself to an Asian interest sorority meant making a lifetime decision to empower young women and uplift my community. We are constantly being scrutinized and stereotyped by Asian women, which is why it is important to work hard to break barriers. College is a scary place, so finding a family and a place to call home is very important. One of the most important aspects about being a leader in Greek lettered organizations is the concept of Greek unity. College is a time to explore different opportunities and experiences. My chapter collaborated with Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. at Syracuse on lots of events and both organizations won fraternity and sorority of the year together! We must step outside of our comfort zones and intentionally learn about others in order for us to grow as people.”

Victoria has worked as Jackie Chan’s executive assistant and has traveled from Mongolia to Miami, from Singapore to Spain, assisting in earthquake and drought relief efforts to being on the international promotional tour of “The Karate Kid” remake.

She has been involved with non-profit performing arts programs since 2000. She has worked with the Britney Spears Foundation, American Idol, the Jonas Brothers Foundation, RUN4LIFE, 50 Cent’s G-Unity Foundation, Jackie Chan’s Charitable Foundation & Usher’s new Look Foundation. In 2011, she launched “elicit 4tography”, dedicated to helping non-profit organizations. She has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, MTV, People Magazine, Daily News, VH1, and Empire Magazine. She was most recently mentioned in PeoplePets.com for the Jackie Chan Charity Bear Project, which she launched to benefit the JC Build a School Foundation.

Victoria currently works as the Graduate Assistant of Greek Life at the University of West Georgia. She enjoys writing poetry and practicing yoga in her free time.